Chemcharter gmbh

  • The company
    • Chemcharter Gmbh is a German company based in Hamburg
    • Acting as commercial agent for Finbeta Spa since 2007
    • Strong focalization on special chemical products
    • 3 senior brokers (aggregated experience of more than 50 years)


  • Contracts
    • We carried approx. 1,5 mil tons chemical products per year
    • Main trading areas between Baltic/Continent and Mediterranean seas
    • 50 % under COAs – 50% fixed spot
    • Our trading area is Baltic / Cont / Med


  • Main carried products
Methanol Ethanol Ethylendichloride
Xylenes Jet Caustic soda
Methyl Ethylen Glycol    Alpha Methyl Styrene Buthyl Acrylate
Reformate Sulphuric acid Acrylo Nitrile
Propionic Acid Acetic Acid Base Oils
EthylHaxanol DialkylPhthalate Pentane
Base Oil Lard Gasoline
Gasoil Naptha Kerosene